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Our home. Our office. Our cottage. The place where we spend our holidays. The concept of living space is particularly important.
At Mojorated we design / manage / develop properties that can offer quality accommodation and meet your needs for calmness, communication, creativity and relaxation.

The services we offer

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Construction / Renovation

We build new properties from scratch or buy properties that need renovation in order to perform the necessary work and then provide them for resettlement (sale or rent)

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Find a Property

Finding a property is a big challenge. We can serve you as property consultants, find the property that totally suits your needs and renovate it exactly as you wish

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Sustainable Tourism

Our holidays. A period especially important to everyone. The challenge of sustainability is bigger than ever before. Have holidays friendly to people, the environment and the  society. In this context, we develop alternative vacation accommodation in order to offer an alternative holiday experience focusing on sustainability.

More info coming soon

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