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Working with beautiful people on things that inspire us!

We are working on interesting projects. Collaborating with people and teams all around the globe in order to make our world a more sustainable place. In this section you may take a look at our favorite partners and projects we are working on, sharing our true passion and love.

logo Moodbook 1.jpg

Moodbook ( is a brand project that emerged through our experiences, ideas and our constant need to express ourselves through special projects that contain innovation and interactivity.

Moodbooks are basically notebooks. But they are not just notebooks because they are inspired by our emotions, the ways we express them, situations in which we feel joy, strange, anxiety, playful feelings, in love, desperate, nostalgic…

They are thematic, interactive, useful notebooks that are inspired by our everyday mood”

Moodbooks is a product developed by URBAN (, a printing house founded in 2013 in Trikala.

From the beginning, the company's investments were oriented exclusively to digital printing technology, making it easy to manage almost any type of printing work with particular flexibility and speed.

My Holiday Movie

MyHolidayMovie ( is a unique & exciting travel experience happening in Athens and Santorini, Greece! The idea is simple. We have all found ourselves in this awkward position to shoot rather boring selfies and videos when travelling abroad. "My Holiday Movie" is here to change this. We have written some exciting scripts and produced different short movies where you will be the acting stars!

We will make sure that when you get back home, apart from beautiful memories, you will also take a real movie masterpiece with you!

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